Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Get your Porch ready for Spring!

It's HERE! Spring! And, yes, with it comes that lovely yellow film that sticks to everything for a few days...but hey, we can't live without pollen, so embrace it and what it brings to life! Pretty soon, you can rinse it off and revive your outdoor spaces!

A good place to start is by checking all your pot & planters. Do you need to replace soil & plants? Maybe you just need a little fertilizer for your existing plantings and you're set!

Some of my favorite container plants for this area of Texas are: Asparagus Fern, Pin Cushions, Trailing Verbena, Salvias, Mint, and Leaucantha. Pick out a container that has enough room for the plants to grow and hold gets really dry here and pots can dry out quickly every day.

Don't forget to add some colorful fun fabrics to your existing patio furniture. You can buy inexpensive fabric to make your own OR opt for pre-made ones from Garden Ridge, Walmart, Target, Marshall's, Ross or Resale shop. Hanging panels to a covered area and creating wispy-flowing curtains can really enclose a space and make it intimate while adding color. Another way to add color to your existing furnishings is spray paint. Spray paint comes in array of colors and finishes... and if you find the right "type" you can paint any surface you want to liven up!

Don't forget the critters! Add bird feeder, bird baths, squirrel feeders and anything else that may call in the wild life around you. Wind chimes can add a sweet melody to go along with the natural one you'll have if you feed your feathered friends.

Look for architectural art to hang. Everyone has something laying around...and if you don't, that neighbor or family member with the building of junk does! Go hunting for the perfect piece of vintage art to include in your newly re-designed outdoor space. Pieces of old fences, vintage gates, pieces of brass, iron or rusty mystery metals are just what the diva calls for. Be sure and think outside the box when deciding what to do with the treasures you find!

You may want to add some reading material for those lazy days outside. I like to add a blank journal or tablet outside too, so when I start to brainstorm or need to jot down my ideas, I have paper and pen to do so!

So what are you waiting for. IT'S beautiful outside!! Get out there and spray off that yucky yellow stuff and get to work!